Sunday, March 22, 2009

chocolate, raspberries and whipped cream...yumm

I had actually planned to cover the cake with a hard modeling chocolate, but my recipe didn't work. The cake is lumpy because I didn't prep it well enough to be covered like this....but I still think it turned out okay!!

I made a white butter cake with raspberries and fresh whipped cream filling for my Mom's birthday. I would definitely not make the cake was very heavy and kind of bland. It held up well though for the tiered cake...very sturdy.
I made fresh whipped cream and added raspberries between the layers...very good. I used a simple buttercream recipe with some raspberries for the outside of the cake...and then covered it with modeling chocolate....only because my chocolate fondant failed.

It was actually a miracle that it got covered at all. Both the fondant and the modeling chocolate were sticky and would stretch horribly when moved to the cake. Thankfully my husband and a whole lot of powdered sugar were patient enough to help out!! I'm currently looking for a new recipe. You can see from the pictures the amount of powdered sugar it took...what a mess.

I actually had to mix up some heavy cream and cocoa powder and brush it on the cakes just to get the color back. I really didn't want a glossy finish, but I had work with what I had. The cake had tons of flaws in it...but I still think it turned out okay.

The raspberries helped to hide alot of the flaws! And the best part is the modeling chocolate tasted like melted was really good, very sweet, but still good.